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Our project

Our project is called project ace. It is currently in production. This site will give you some info on the console we are making.

About Us

We are gamers trying to get into the industry of gaming and show people our amazing ideas.

Our Job

Our job is to provide for the community of gaming. In the next few months we will have big things to show all of you.

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We started with just two employees, working on simple fun projects, but we couldn't get it right. Earlier last year we had the idea of making a console. We planned on what we wanted to do with it. This year we plan to start production on the console.


Imagine a console that lets any developer make games on it. It is filled with hundreds of titles on launch. A console that will compete with Next-gen consoles. A console unlike any other before. We feal our vision of this console will be amazing. We want to support all developers in gaming. This means AAA, indie, and flash developers. We have many plans that we feel many of you will like.

What is project ace?

Project ace is a console made for indies, AAA and flash developers. The console is unlike any before. Unlike the new consoles being announced, Project ace is not run on android. Project ace is a consoe made for any gaming developer. Gamers will experience something new with project ace. Project Ace will have major game changing IP's. We will show some of the IP's soon. Games will be bigger and better on the console. Developers will have little to no limits on the games they make.


Our goals are to make a console that is for all developers. We would like this to be the ultimate gaming console. We would like to compete against the WiiU and PS4, and show people our vision of a gaming console.


Specs are coming soon.


We are looking for a proice range around 200-250 USD.

 For gamers

The console is for any gamers. Latest gaming news on the spot. We are looking for better quality for gamers. This console will be perfect for any gamer, latest updates on store, lots of sales, and even some of your favorite flash games.

Project Ace will also have strength like a pc. It will be good for developers trying to make games on the console.

Our vision

Our vision is to make a strong console that supports AAA, indie, and flash games. We want to be more social with the community and developers. Our vision for this console is, a powerful console fit for gamers and developers alike.